HCYC Funding


Our income at the Harlan Christian Youth Center comes through three sources. Firstly, we have fundraising activities during the year, such as direct mailings, matching fund drives, vending machines, and other opportunities that may arise.

Our second (and most important) funding source is individual contributions which can come in many forms such as one time gifts, annual gifts, monthly contributions, memorials, charitable annuities, etc. Historically, these have accounted for forty five to fifty five percent of our total income.

Our third funding source is local foundations such as Foellinger, Lutheran, Spencer, English-Bonter-Mitchell, Wilson and the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. These foundations have been instrumental in all aspects of the youth center operation and development. We are thankful for their generous support.


The Harlan Christian Youth Center has been debt free since our opening day. As such, the cost of keeping the facility open and pristine is usually our smallest expense category.

This, along with budget conscious administrative practices allows us to spend about half our annual budget on programming, making it our largest expense category. All the money used in this category pays for direct face-to-face time with the youth.