Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

The Harlan Christian Youth Center, Inc. has established an Indiana 529 scholarship fund in order to help further the educational goals of students in Harlan and the surrounding communities. Funds will be awarded to those pursuing college degrees or trade schools. HCYC will:

1. Publish and /or promote a $1000/year scholarship.

a. The board retains the right to increase the amount at their discretion on a case by case basis.

2. Make payment of any money approved and granted directly to the educational institution.

Inquiries can be made from this page. After reading through the qualification criteria below, open and download the application, fill it out, save it, and email it to Acrobat Reader is required to download and view the PDF. (NOTE: Applications can be submitted throughout the year, but need to be submitted by our March 15 deadline. Decisions will then be made in April.)

Applicant Qualification Criteria

Applicant should:

  • Be a resident of the greater Harlan area.
    • This ‘area’ does not have a defined boundary, but will be determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of the HCYC Board.
  • Be a member and/or active attendee of a church.
    • Denomination not specified, but is subject to HCYC Board discretion.
  • Be actively involved in the greater Harlan area Christian Community.
    • This can be leadership or participation in local evangelistic or outreach activities, volunteer service in a church or other Christian organization, etc.
  • Be in agreement with the vision and mission of the Harlan Christian Youth Center.
    • This speaks not necessarily to direct involvement in HCYC activities, but at least to having shared Christian values.
  • Be a committed and motivated student.
    • There is not a defined qualifying GPA, but the applicant should have a good record and reputation as a dedicated and respectable student.
  • Be seeking to further his/her education in a field or course of study that does not contradict or mock God’s word, dishonor Him or contradict the mission and values of the Christian faith or the Harlan Christian Youth Center.
    • No required courses or studies are specified, but the HCYC Board may request disclosure of your major, minor and/or courses that you are enrolling in for their review.
    • Any such review will be strictly limited to assessing how your chosen path aligns with our funding priorities and will not be used to criticize, judge or pressure you into changing your chosen path.
  • Complete an application, including a personal profile and resume’.
  • Be willing to meet with our board of directors if requested to discuss your goals and needs.

We are interested in hearing from you and your plans for the future. Make sure you download and fill out the application, save it, and email it as soon as possible.  HCYC will review all applications and select two individuals per year for a scholarship. Please click the link below to open the application.